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Solomon ben Abraham Ha-Kohen
Hebrew Name(s): שלמה הכהן, מהרש"ך
Other Names: MaHaRShaK, Solomon ben Abraham Ha-Kohen of Seres, Solomon ha-Kohen
Period: Acharonim — 16th Century
Location: Salonica
Dates: c. 1540-1600

Solomon ben Abraham Ha-Kohen of Seres lived at Seres (Serres) near Salonica in the second half of the Sixteenth Century. A pupil of Joseph Firman he authoured Resonsa materials (She'elot uTeshubot). Solomon Ha-Kohen is called MaHaRShak [מהרש"ך].
Others called MaHaRSHaK include: Solomon Kluger and Aaron Samuel ben Israel Kaidanover.

She'elot uTestuvot (Questions and Answers)

The She'elot uTestuvot of Maharshak is of Responsa material written in three parts.
The first part of the work contains 197 responsa, a commentary on Maimonides' laws concerning divorce, and halakic novellas (Salonica, 1586); the second part comprises 263 responsa, besides novellae on the Tosafot (Venice, 1592); the third part contains 122 responsa (Salonica, 1594).
Special editions of the work, including Maimonides' laws on divorce, the halakic novellae, and the novellae on the Tosafot, were published at Wilmersdorf in 1720 and at Salonica in 1730.


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