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The Saint Pierre de Sion-Ratisbonne, Bat kol-Christian Center for Jewish Studies offers annual study programs for Christians who wish to enrich their knowledge and appreciation of Torah and Jewish commentary and interpretations. Located in Jerusalem the institute offers course work delivered by Jewish and Christian professors and extensive engagement and immersion in Jewish approaches to biblical and textual studies and exegesis.

Bat Kol courses which are informed by current scholarship are especially adapted to the needs and interests of lecturers, teachers, and pastoral leaders and those pursuing personal studies, equipping participants with both the knowledge and the techniques by which to impart their learning to others.

Participants study Midrashic commentary, Talmudic interpretations and Hebrew language as they engage with the biblical texts.

The Institute's 2020 study program is

The Book of Deuteronomy:
Lessons from the Journey

5-26 July 2020, Jerusalem

Applications are now open. For more information follow this link to the ISPS-Ratisbonne Kat Kol-Christian Center for Jewish Studies web site.



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