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Learning to Write the Hebrew CURSIVE letters


Learning to write the Hebrew Alphabet

Learning to write the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet is quite easy.

When we read the Hebrew printed in texts the letters are formed using the PRINT form. Hand written Hebrew uses either BLOCK script or CURSIVE script. The CURSIVE form of the letters is the preferred medium of the Modern Hebrew writer since if flows easily as handwriting. When your Hebrew is a little more advanced and you study in Israel [perhaps!] you will find that your teachers will use the cursive form of written Hebrew since it is much easier and faster to write that the print form. This web site will teach you how to read PRINT Hebrew and write using the CURSIVE form. You will also become familiar with the BLOCK letters. [Modern Hebrew uses the PRINT form in printed materials, books, web pages etc., while all handwritten material is cursive.]

How to RECONGISE and WRITE the HEBREW Letters

Examples of the letters in their different forms and instructions and pictures of the individual letters are available HERE. Each letter is presented with information about transliteration, pronunciation and a short introduction to A Spirituality of the Letters. These Alphabet resources and the worksheet below will help you to learn to write Hebrew using the CURSIVE form of the letters.

Lesson 6: Worksheet.
Practice writing your Hebrew letters on the work sheet provided.

Remember: Hebrew is written from right to left.
Be sure to practice the SCRIPT form of the letters as you write.
Write the letters over and over until you feel comfortable with them.
Say the letter aloud as you practice each letter.
Familiarise yourself with the PRINT and BLOCK forms of the Hebrew letters as you work.

         1. Download and Print your Hebrew Alphabet practice work sheets are HERE.
         2. Try the Aleph-Bet quick quizes [Microsoft Excel™ or OpenOffice™ required.] HERE.
         3. DOWNLOAD and print your own Hebrew Aleph-bet Flash Cards HERE.
         4. DOWNLOAD and print your own Hebrew Aleph-bet & Vowels BOOK MARK HERE.

...Abobe Acrobat required Get Adobe Acrobat

Write cursive!

When you are comfortable with the Hebrew consonants you can follow the links to Hebrew Vowels below.

Lesson 7. Hebrew Vowels.
An Introduction to Hebrew Vowels Here.

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