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The Jewish Cycle — [English] [Portuguese]
Catholic Lectionary — [English] [Portuguese]
Revised Common Lectionary — RCL [English]


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  The Revised Common Lectionary, 1992
The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)
The Lectionary for
, Study Edition
The Lectionary for Mass, Study EditionThe Lectionary for Mass, Study Edition
Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary
Etz Hayim: Torah and CommentaryEtz Hayim: Torah and Commentary
The Torah: A Modern Commentary, Rev. Ed.
The Torah: A Modern Commentary
The Catholic Study
The Catholic Study Bible - New American VersionThe Catholic Study Bible - New American Version
Holy Bible
: New Revised Standard Version

Holy Bible - New Revised Standard Version

The Torah: A
Women's Commentary

~Eskenazi & Weiss
The Torah: A Women's CommentaryThe Torah: A Women's Commentary

The Five Books
of Moses

~Everett Fox
The Schocken Bible - The Five Books of Moses
The Beginning of Desire
Reflections on Genesis

~Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg
The Beginning of Desire: Reflections on Genesis ~Avivah Zornberg
JPS Torah Commentary
~Nahum M. Sarna
JPS Commentary Genesis - Sarna


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