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Bat Kol Institute
Christians studying Torah within its Jewish milieu, using Jewish sources. Bat Kol Institute is based in Jerusalem and provides study programs that enable Christians to study the Bible from within the living traditions of Judaism, with Christian and Jewish professors.
Boston College. Center for Christian-Jewish Learning
The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College is dedicated to the growth of new and mutually enriching relationships between Christians and Jews. The Center applies the scholarly resources of a Catholic university to the task of encouraging mutual knowledge between Christians and Jews at every level.
Boston College. Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations
The electronic journal of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations published by The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College.
CCCJ - Alberta.
An Interfaith Website for Christian-Jewish Relations.
Canadian Centre for Diversity
The Canadian Centre for Diversity (CCD) was founded in 1947 as Canadian Council of Christians and Jews (CCCJ) to promote racial and religious harmony. In December 2008, members voted to officially change the corporate name to the Canadian Centre for Diversity.
Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim (Auschwitz)
At the Threshold of Auschwitz
Centre for Information, Meetings, Dialogue, Education and Prayer, founded in 1992.
Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations
The Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations is an association of centers and institutes in the United States and Canada devoted to enhancing mutual understanding between Jews and Christians.
International Council of Christians and Jews
An umbrella organization for 38 Christian-Jewish Dialogue institutions worldwide.
Institute Saint Pierre de Sion - Ratisbonne
Bat Kol-Christian Center for Jewish Studies
The Institute offers basic formation in Jewish Tradition accompanied by a reflection from the advances teachings of the Church on the importance of Jewish studies for a better understanding of our Christian faith.
Jewish Christian Relations
Articles, reviews, reports, official statements, and study resources on Jewish-Christian relations. Site available in six languages.
King's University College
Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning
Resources for researchers, educators and students. Documents of significance [Christian, Jewish and jointly producted]; articles; links; calendars; vocabulary etc.
The Light of Torah: Scripture Tools for Everyday Life
Light of Torah is a network of Catholics who engage in Torah study. A lay movement within the Catholic community, its purpose is to facilitate a grassroots awakening to the beauty and riches of the Old Testament through the study of Torah in homes, parishes and small community settings.
Sacred Heart University Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding
The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding of Sacred Heart University (CCJU) draws together religious leaders, laity, scholars, theologians and educators to cultivate new seeds of mutual respect and develop programs and publications to overcome deep-seated antagonisms that recent progress has not yet healed.
Seton Hill University
National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education
Seton Hill University, a Catholic liberal arts university, initiated a national Catholic movement toward Holocaust studies in 1987. The National Catholic Center for Holocaust Edication faciliatates Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
SIDIC—International Jewish-Christian Documentation Service. Access to Sidic Publications 1967-2003
A multi language Study and Documentation service founded in Rome in 1965 at the request of a group of Bishops and experts from Vatican Council II.
Underlying all of SIDIC Rome's work is the call of the Church to understand and esteem the Jewish people as it understands itself, and to deepen Christian faith through the study of the faith of the Jewish people.
The Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies
Many articles and resources in the area interreligious dialogue.
The United Church of Canada
Links to the United Church Canada statement on United Church-Jewish Relations, Bearing Faithful Witness, the report Mending the World: An Ecumenical Vision for Healing and Reconciliation, and other links.
The Vatican
Website of The Holy See—Vatican documents, archives and news service.
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Ecumenical and Interreligious relations
Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Jewish Relations.
Paul VI, Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, Nostra Aetate. The Vatican, 1965.
Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, Guidelines and Suggestions for Implementing the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate, No. 4. Vatican, December 1, 1974/January 1975.
Commission for Religious Relations with The Jews, Notes on the Correct Way to present the Jews and Judaism in Preaching and Catechesis of the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican City, 1985.
Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah, 1998
Statement of the Joint Commission for The Jewish-Christian Dialogue, 2003.
Commission of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews, Statement of The Joint Commission of The Chief Rabbinate of Israel’s Delegation for Relations with The Catholic Church and The Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, December 2003 - Kislev 5764
The Pontifical Biblical Commission, The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible. Vatican Press, 2001.
Vatican, Lineamenta. The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church, March 2007.
Consultation of the National Council of Synagogues and the Bishops Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Reflections on Covenant and Mission. 2002.
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Committee on Doctrine and Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs A Note on the Ambiguities Contained in Reflections on Covenant and Mission, Oct 13, 2009 rev.
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Within Context: Guidelines for the Catechetical Presentation of Jews and Judaism in the New Testament.
International Council of Christians and Jews, A Time for Recommitment: The Twelve Points of Berlin, Building the new relationaship between Christians and Jews, Berlin, 2009.
International Council of Christians and Jews, An Address to the Churches, (The Ten Points of Seelisburg), 1947.
The United Church of Canada, Bearing Faithful Witness – A statement on United Church-Jewish Relations today, August 2003.
Council of Christians and Jews, Rightly Explaining the Word of Truth: Guidelines for Christian Clergy and Teachers in their use of the New Testament with reference to the New Testament's presentation of Jews and Judaism.
The Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia, 1994.
Confraternidad Argentina Judeo Cristiana, “Holocaust-Shoah: Its Effects on Christian Theology and Life In Argentina and Latin America”, Final Declaration, 2006.
BIBLIOGRAPHY—Recommended online articles
Apple, R., “Paul is too Jewish for some, too anti-Jewish for others”, This talk was given at the launching of the new Guidelines for Christian Clergy and Teachers in their use of the New Testament with reference to the New Testament's presentation of Jews and Judaism.
Anderson, R. (Ed), Re-Reading Paul: A fresh look at his attitude to Torah and to Judaism. Further Guidelines for Christian Clergy and Teachers in their use of the New Testament with reference to the New Testament's presentation of Jews and Judaism, The Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia, 1999.
Guillaume, Ph., New Light on the Nebiim from Alexandria: A Chronography to Replace the Deuteronomistic History.
Judaism 101
Answers to almost any question on Judaism.
The Jewish Encyclopedia
An on-line version of Jewish Encyclopedia.
The Jewish Encyclopedia
Prophets and Prophecy.
Comprehensive coverage of the Prophets, Rabbinic, Talmudic and later commenators, historical contexts etc.
The University of Calgary
An interactive page with simple explanations and outlines of The Talmud, The Mishnah, Cantillation, and the Ten Sefirot of Kabbalah, prepared by Eliezer Segal and hosted by the University of Calgary.

Resources and links for Maimonides (Rambam).
Online resources about Judaism, commentaries, texts, ethics, and halakhah

Mechon-Mamre (The Mamre Institute)

The Hebrew Bible in English/Hebrew parallel; the Hebrew bible with vowels and cantillation; The Mishnah (Hebrew) and other books.

Hebrew-Portuguese Tanach translation

Bíblia - Versão Hebraica do Mekhon_Mamre. The Bible with Hebrew and Portuguese translation in parallel. Sign up for access.
Hebrew-Portuguese Tanach translation
Hebrew-Spanish Bible. Sign up for access.
The on-line Bible Seven versions in parallel.
The Hebrew Scriptures read in Hebrew
from The Academy of Ancient Languages
The Hebrew Bible read in Hebrew.
The text is read slowly and clearly - a good site for beginners. (The mp3 files can be downloaded).
The Tanach with Rashi's commentary
The Judaica Press Tanach with Rashi.
Note: Choose text and check the box to show Rashi's Commentary (Hebrew).
The Aleppo Codex
The Aleppo Codex, known as the "Keter" (Crown,) is the oldest extant manuscript of the complete Hebrew Bible and dates to approx. 930 CE. A project of the Ben-Zvi Institute, Jerusalem, the Codex can be browsed through on this website.
Tanach and Mishnah on Demand - Custom on-line
Custom select chapters or verses from the Tanach or Mishnah (in Hebrew) and download as PDF.
Biblical Studies on the Web
Provides links to the online journal BSW; Electronic versions of Biblica and Filologia Neotestamentaria, links to e-journals, libraries, academic papers etc.
Center for Christian-Jewish Learning
Background resources
Educational Resources
Boston College Shcool of Theology and Ministry
CROSSROADS Online Mini Courses
SELF-PACED, SELF-DIRECTED ONLINE LEARNING. The Birth of Jesus; The death of Jesus; Touchstones for Preaching
Internet Sacred texts Archive
The Babylonian Talmud translated by M L Rodkinson [1918] 10 Vol. abridgement.
The Tanakh - in Hebrew with English transliteration.
The Septuagint
The Latin (Vulgate) Bible
A Polyglot Bible —English (KGV), Greek, Hebrew and Latin in parallel
The Greek New Testament
Pirqe Avot.
The Legends of the Jews - Louis Ginzberg.
Midrash Tanhuma.
plus other translations of Hebraic literature e.g. The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides; The Works of Josephus Flavius; The Kuzari (Judah HaLevi) and Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Creation).
Mesillat Yesharim [Path of the Just] ~Moshe Chaim Luzzato
Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707–1747), also known as the RaMCHaL after his initials, is best known for his classical work on piety, Mesillat Yesharim (Path of the Just). A classic of Jewish moral teachings and required study in many rabbinical academies, along with the Talmud and law codes, Mesillat Yesharim is Luzzato's most influencial work, built upon a list of accomplishments found in a Beraita attributed to the sage Pinchas ben-Yair (Avodah Zarah 20b), a fourth generation Tanna who flourished in the second half of the Second Century.
Mishneh Torah from [English trans.]
Mishneh Torah from Mecon Mamre [Hebrew]
Mishneh Torah from Snunit [Hebrew]
Mishneh Torah [Spanish trans.]
Mishneh Torah, Sefer HaMadda (Book of Knowledge) [English]
Maimonides' Mishneh Torah (English & Hebrew)

Maimonides' Mishneh Torah (Hebrew) from Mecon Mamre
Maimonides' Mishneh Torah [Hebrew] from Snunit
Maimonides' Mishneh Torah (Spanish)
Immanuel Levy's translation of Mishneh Torah's Book of Knowledge plus other Maimonides links.
Navigating the BIBLE II
An online bar/bat mitzvah tutor with
A Torah study translation with Commentaries.
The weekly Torah Portion in Hebrew with translation, transliteration and chanting.
The Hafarah in Hebrew with transliteration and chant.
The Blessings before and after reading the Torah, Haftarah or Festivals.
Pirke Avot Ethics of the Fathers [English] from Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)
Sefer Hamitzvot (Book of the Commandmants)
[English and Hebrew]
Maimonides' Sefer Hamitzvot Hebrew and English from
Shulchan Aruch from
The Shulchan Aruch

An online translation of Joseph Karo's Shulchan Aruch (Set Table).
A new English Translation of the Tosefta by Eliyahu Gurevich. English and Hebrew (vowelized text) in parallel with Commentary. This is an ongoing project with Tosefta Berachot and Tosefta Peah Chapter 1 & 2 currently available.
Tosefta Online. Free Seforim on the Tosefta, both English and Hebrew available.
The Legends of the Jews The Legends of the Jews - Louis Ginzberg available at
The Online Books Page

—a Library of on-line links for Bibles and Christian books.

—a Library of on-line links for Judaism.

The Talmud (in Hebrew)

Print folio pages as they appear in the printed editions of the Talmud from this site. Listen to a daily Daf in English.
The Soncino BabylonianTalmud
The Soncino Babylonian Talmud [English translation by Epstein, 1935-1948.] Tractates available as PDF docs; some viewable as html.
The Transliterated Siddur - Siddur ba-eir hei-teiv
Transliterated Jewish Prayer Book
* Parashat Hashavuah (The "Torah Portion of the Week") TOP
Bat Kol Institute Parashat Hashavuah
Also available in Portuguese.
Commentaries on the weekly Torah portion written by Christian alumni and personnel from Bat Kol Institute, Jerusalem.
Commentaries from Bat Kol Institute in Portuguese translation available.
Bar-Ilan University Parashat Hashavuah Study Center

An archive of parashat hashavuah commentaries.
Weekly Parashah commentaries. Includes Rashi's commentary in parallel with the portion.
The Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem
An archived weekly Commentary on the haftarah.

Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies

Provides online: Targum Pseudo-Jonathan and Targum Onkelos. Also Targumim of the Megilot: Song of Songs; Ruth; and Lamentations and Targum Psalms.
The Aramaic Targum to Song of Songs
Targum to the Song of Songs.
The Jewish Theological Seminary Parashat Hashavuah
JTS Torah Commentary

Torah Commentary Archives
Read the Torah and Haftarah portions [JPS translation]; sign up or read on-line a parashat hashavuah commentary each week; access an archive of past parashat hashavuah commentaries and translations including Holidays and Special Readings.

"What's Bothering Rashi?"

An analysis of the Torah commentary (according to Rashi) by Avigdor Bonchek. Published according to the weekly Portion. "What's Bothering Rashi?" is produced by the Institute for the Study of Rashi and Early Commentaries.
Light of Torah. Scripture Tools for Everyday Life

Subscribe to Weekly reflections.
Light of Torah is a network of Catholics who engage in Torah study. A lay movement within the Catholic community, its purpose is to facilitate a grassroots awakening to the beauty and riches of the Old Testament through the study of Torah in homes, parishes and small community settings.
An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
See the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew lessons on this web site: Etz Hayim—"Tree of Life."
Aleph-Bet on the Net
The tutorials on this site are designed to reinforce vocabulary and spelling for beginning students of modern Hebrew.
Animated Hebrew
Hebrew flash cards, audio visual learning materials and more.
Modern Hebrew words for Beginners

A useful list of words and their Hebrew translation.

Hebrew for Christians
Introductory Hebrew, Hebrew grammar and information about Judaism from a Messianic perspective.
Hebrew Language at the University of Texas at Austin
Biblical Hebrew Language Tutorials.
Learn Hebrew Verbs
Online website to aid learning of Hebrew verbs and conjugations.
Milingua Hebrew Learning.
Sign up for free Hebrew learning materials or subscribe to a course.
Passing Phrase
Hebrew lessons "phrase by phrase."

The Online Hebrew Tutorial

Useful site for beginners in Hebrew.
West Semitic Research Project
Ancient Biblical Manuscripts
Ancient manuscripts, including the history of the Leningrad Codex—the oldest complete copy of the whole Hebrew Bible.
The Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar
The Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar provides both Christian and Jewish biblical readings for each Sabbath and Sunday, festival and Holy Day in the liturgical years of each tradition.
Jewish calendar
Jewish calendar with Torah readings for Shabbat and Holidays.
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
Hebrew lessons, Concepts, Topic of the Month.
Hebrew/Jewish Songs
A selection of popular Jewish and Israeli songs with music scores.
My Jewish Learning
Jewish Holidays, Life, Customs, Beliefs, Practices, History, Parashat Hashavuah commentary...
Dr Nurit Reshef
Judaism through stories and games.
Taizé website: About Taizé prayer. Songs, notation and midi files of Taizé songs.
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