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The Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

Lesson 4. Hebrew consonants that sound alike...

Sound alike consonants


Sound alike letters
Some consonants sound similar.

  • Vav and Vet sound similar; as in v in vine
  • Het and Khaf sound as ch in loch
  • Tet and Tav sound as t in teach
  • Kof and Kaf sound as k in kitten
  • Samech and Sin sound as s as in son


Various written forms

Sometimes the consonants for Hebrew letters and their transliterations are written in different ways, often depending upon tradition, or common practices.


het might be written as het or chet and transliterated as h, ch or het.

vav might be written as waw and transliterated v or w

khaf might be wriiten as khaf or chaf and transliterated as kh or ch

The letter tav might be written as taw or thav and transliterated as t, s, or th


Lesson 5. Hebrew Writing.
Listen and learn to write the Hebrew alphabet HERE.

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