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Resources for Hebrew Language Students


How to enable Hebrew Language input on your computer...

Choose your operating system: Windows Vista | Windows XP | Mac OSX


To type Hebrew with your computer you need to activate Hebrew for
your Keyboard, and as an input Language

  1. Click on the Apple logo Apple logo and choose System Preferences...

System Preferences

  1. Choose International in the Personal section.

Choose International

  1. Select the Language tab in the International window that opens and
    select Hebrew [the word is written in Hebrew.]

Select language

  1. If you do not see Hebrew in the list click on Edit List... The computer will display a list of languages. Check Hebrew to add it to the list and click OK. You will now be able to choose Hebrew as an input language. You can also sort the order in which you want your language choices listed.

Add Hebrew to the list

  1. After you have checked the Hebrew option in the Language tab move to the Input Menu. Under the section Input type check Character Palette and Keyboard Viewer. At the bottom of the window check the Show input menu in menu bar box.

Input Menu

  1. Select the Keyboard input type for Hebrew. Choose Hebrew [rather than Hebrew-QWERTY]. This is the keyboard layout for Israel.

Choose Keyboard layout

To activate your Hebrew input language and begin typing...

  1. Log out and log in again or reboot your computer so the changes you have made take effect.
    When rebooted look for the Menu Bar [located on the top right side of your screen beside the clock.] You will see a language flag (US flag if you have English US enabled) on the bar.

menu bar

  1. You can now change languages by pulling down on the flag. Select Hebrew.
    There is also an option to view the keyboard layout using the Keyboard Viewer.

Change language

  1. The flag on the Menu Bar will change to the Israeli flag. You can now type Hebrew.

menu bar Hebrew

  1. The following Keyboard Layout is the one used in Israel. You can download the keyboard map below.
Keyboard Layout

This standard Keyboard Map for Hebrew for a MAC can be downloaded here. This keyboard maps the letters and vowels. Print, laminate, and keep beside your computer's keyboard for easy reference.
Additional Hebrew diacritical marks (e.g., meteg, revia) can be included in your documents using the Character palette. [Select Show Character Palette under the Language icon on the top left of your screen.]

USB Hebrew keyboard

A USB keyboard with both Hebrew and English Keys
is available for purchase from Amazon.
[Click on the Keyboard at right to link to]

The Biblical Hebrew Tiro keyboard

The Society of Biblical Languages has made available Hebrew keyboards which map the unicode characters of Biblical Hebrew including letters, cantillation marks, vowels and other grammatical and punctuation symbols. The keyboard is available free and can be downloaded from the Society's web site complete with instruction manual.
The society offers two options for the MAC OS X:
1. the Biblical Hebrew SIL keyboard which maps a phonetic keyboard and
2. the Biblical Hebrew Tiro keyboard which follows the common pattern of the Modern Hebrew keyboard layout used for Israel and Hebrew enabled computers. This layout is the standard layout for Hebrew keyboards in all operating systems.

The Biblical Hebrew Tiro keyboard works best with the multilingual word processing appliction Milell which supports inter alia the correct positioning of the Hebrew letters with the diacritical marks and directionality.

The Biblical Hebrew keyboards and instructuions are available from the Society of Biblical Literature HERE. The Society also makes available a Hebrew font [SBL Hebrew, OS X 10.4 and higher]. Download both the Biblical Hebrew Tiro keyboard driver and manual and follow the instructions provided for installation.

A useful video for installation of the MAC Hebrew keyboard and Biblical Hebrew Tiro keyboard on the MAC can be found HERE.


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