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The Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew Letter TAVTav

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TAV is the twenty second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Tav is one of the BeGeD KaFeT letters and takes a dagesh. In modern Hebrew and Sephardic Hebrew the dagesh does not change the pronunciation. In Ashkenazi, Yemenite and some Shephardi traditions, tav when without a dagesh is a soft "s." Others sometimes pronounce tav without a dagesh with "th."

Tav without a dagesh
The letter Tav

Tav with Dagesh
The letter Tav

Tav without a dagesh is pronounced as "t" in tea, "s" as in sea or "th" as in bath.
Tav with dagesh is pronounced as "t" in tea.

Tav is transliterated "t" or "s" or "th" —depending upon the different traditions.

torah (Torah) is transliterated torah. Syllabification. to-ra.
Shabbat - the Sabbath (Sabbath) is transliterated shabbat in Sephardi and Modern Hebrew and shabbos in Ashkenazi and Yemenite traditions. Syllabification. sha-bat or sha-bos. [Ashkernazi pronounce the kamats as a ataf kamats so, the "o" in "bos"]

Gematria. Tav is equal to 400.

SPIRITUALITY in the letter TAV Tav

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