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The Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew Letter LAMED Lamed

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LAMED is the twelfth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The letter Lamed

Pronunciation. The letter
Lamed is pronounced as "l" in London.

Transliteration. The letter
Lamed is transliterated "l".

Lamad - to learn, study (to learn, study) is transliterated lamad. Syllabification. la-mad.

The letter Lamed is also a prefix.
As a prefix Lamed
Lamed as a prefix means "to" or "for". Lamed is an inseparable preposition—it is always attached to a word—and usually takes a sh'va. In some grammatical situations it can take other vowels. [The rules for attaching inseparable prepositions to a noun are available HERE.]

Example. leolam - for ever (for ever), transliterated leʾolam. Syllabication. leʾo-lam.

Gematria. Lamed is equal to 30.

SPIRITUALITY in the letter LAMED Lamed

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