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Zerachiah ben Isaac ha-Levi of Lunel
Hebrew Name(s): זרחיהו בן יצחק הלוי מלוניל; זרחיה הלוי; בעל המאור
Other Names: Ba'al HaMaor, Zerachiah haLevi of Girona
Period: Rishonim — 12th Century
Location: Gerona, France
Dates: b. c. 1125–d. 1186, Provence

Zerachiah ben Isaac ha-Levi of Lunel was a Talmudist. His commentary, Me'orot on Alfasi, known as Sefer HaMaor provoked discussion by both Ra'avad (R. Abraham ben David) and Naḥmanides (in Milchamot Hashem) disputing his rulings of the RiF (R. Isaac ben Alfasi ha-Cohen).
In Sefer HaMaor Zerachiah ben Isaac ha-Levi attempted to show that in focusing on secondary sources (even that of esteemed scholars such as the RiF) and an uncritical acceptance of them could be misleading while the primary sources could speak directly.

Sefer HaMaor

Sefer HaMaor is a commentary to Alfasi's Sefer Ha-halachot on the Gemara.


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