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Simeon ben Lakish
Hebrew Name(s): שימון בן לקיש; ריש לקיש
Other Names: Simon ben Lakish, Resh Lakish, Shimon ben Lakish, Shimon bar Lakish, Shimon bar Lakisha
Period: Amoraim — 3rd Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: 200–275 CE

Simon ben Lakish, a Second Generation Palestinian Amora spent most of his life in Sepphoris and Tiberius. He was a colleague of Yoḥanan ben Nappaḥa, his brother in law, teacher and halakhic opponent. He is renowned for his scholarship and integrity and also his great physical strength.
It is thought Resh Lakish studied under Judah II (Judah Nesiah) and Bar Kappara and that he attended the school of Oshaiah in Caesarea. He accompanied Yoḥanan Nappaḥa to Tiberius and became second in charge of his school there. He gained a reputation for his scholarship and acuteness in halakhic and aggadic matters.


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