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Shlomo Duran
Hebrew Name(s): שלמה בן שמעון דוראן; רשב׳׳ש
Other Names: RaShBaSh, Shlmo ben Tashbetz, Solomon Duran, Solomon ben Simon Duran
Period: Acharonim — 15th Century
Location: Algieria
Dates: 1400–1467

Shlomo Duran was the son of Shimon ben Tzemach Duran (TaShbetz, aka RaShBatz) and succeeded him as Chief Rabbi of Algiers.

Responsa; Tikkun Soferim; Milḥemet Ḥobah [Setirat Emunat ha-Noẓrim]

Milḥemet Ḥobah is a defence of the Talmud. It also appeared under the name Setirat Emunat ha-Noẓrim.
The treatise Tikkun Soferim is printed as an appendix to the work, Yabin Shemu'ah.


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