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Pappas bar Hanan
Hebrew Name(s): רב פפא‎
Other Names: Papa, Pappa, Pappas, Rav Papa
Period: Amoraim — 4th Century
Location: Babylonia
Dates: 300–375 CE

Rav Papa was a Fourth Century Babylonian Amora of the Fifth Generation. He was a student of Abaye and Rava (Abba ben Joseph ben Ḥama) in Pumbedita. When Rava died, Rav Naḥman bar Yitzḥak became head of the academy in Pumbedita, and Rav Papa established a Yeshiva in Nehardea, where many students came to study under him. Rav Papa's great friend, a distinguished scholar, was Rav Huna bar Rav Joshua.  When Rav Papa became head of the Yeshiva in Nehardea, his friend Rav Huna became "Resh Kala" (Chief Lecturer). They had over two hundred senior students in the Yeshiva in Nehardea.
Rav Papa came from a wealthy family and continued to conduct business with his friend Huna bar Rav Joshua. However he remained humble and generous, taking care of the poor in his city. He was considered a wise man.


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