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Isaac Elhanan Spector
Hebrew Name(s): יצחק אלחנן ספקטור
Other Names: Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor
Period: Acharonim — 19th Century
Location: Grodno (now in Belarus), Kovno, Baresa, Nishvez, Novohrodok, Kovno
Dates: 1817–1896

Isaac Spektor was a Russian rabbi who came to be considered as a pre-eminent halakhic authority in his time. He corresponded with leading rabbis in Western Europe and influenced Samson Raphael Hirsh to write Ueber die Beziehung des Talmuds zum Judenthum. Spektor also fought hard to confront political issues encountered by Russian Jewry and to promote Culture among the Jews of Russia.
Spektor led the Jewish community of Novardok before becoming Chief Rabbi of Kovno in 1864.

Beer Yitzḥak; Ein Yitzḥak; Naḥal Yitzḥak

Beer Yitzḥak contains responsa in 5 Volumes.
Ein Yitzḥak is responsa material.
Naḥal Yitzḥak is a work dealing with parts of the Shulḥan Arukh.


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