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Isaac ben Meir
Hebrew Name(s): יצחק בן מאיר; ריב''ם
Other Names: Rivam, RIBaM, Yitzḥak ben Meir, Yitzchak ben Meir, Isaac ben Meir of Ramerupt
Period: Rishonim — 12th Century
Location: France
Dates: c. 1090–c. 1130

Isaac ben Meir was the son of Meir ben Shmuel (Meir ben Samuel) and Yocheved, a grandson of Rashi, and brother of RaSHBaM (Samuel ben Meir) and Rabbienu Tam (Jacob ben Meir.)
Isaac ben Meir was born in Ramperupt, France. He died young. He is, however, often quoted and made a major contribution to the Tosafot. He was the author of commentaries, in particular on Yevamot and Nedarim.
RiBaM — Rabbi Yitzhak (Isaac) Ben Meir


Isaac ben Meir contributed to the Tosafot to several tractates of the Talmud. His contributed are mentioned by Eliezer b. Joel ha-Levi. Isaac himself is often quoted in the edited Tosafot (e.g., Shab. 138a; Ket. 29b)


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