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Isaac ben Asher ha-Levi
Hebrew Name(s): יצחק בן אשר הלוי; ריב"א
Other Names: RIBA, Isaac ben Asher
Period: Rishonim — 11th Century
Location: Speyer, Germany
Dates: 11th Century

Isaac ben Asher ha-Levi was the son-in-law of Eliakim ben Meshullam and a pupil of Rashi. He lived in Speyer and was the author of the earliest known Tosafot. He is mentioned in the Tosafot to Sotah 17a. He is cited under the name of Tosafot Riba in Tosafot Yeshanin (Yoma 15a) and in Temim De'im (Sotah 17b). His tosafot are frequently quoted without attribution.
Isaac ben asher ha-Levi aslo wrote a Commentary on the Pentateuch which is no longer extant. His commenatry is cited in Minḥat Yehudah (Judah ben Eliezer) and Sefer ha-Yashar (Jacob Tam.)

Commentary on the Pentateuch

Issac ben Asher's Commentary on the Pentateuch is now lost but is cited in Minḥat Yehudah (Judah ben Eliezer.) Jacob Tam referenced Isaac Ben Asher's Commentary on the Pentateuch in Sefer ha-Yashar.


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