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Hebrew Name(s): רב הומא
Other Names: Rav Huna
Period: Amoraim — 3rd Century
Location: Sura, Babylonia
Dates: 216–297 CE

A Second Generation Babylonian Amora, Rav Huna was a Talmudist and succeeded Rav (Abba Arikha) as head of the academy at Sura, after the death of Samuel (c. 256). He was a student of Rav and reputed to be a man of great piety and generous to the poor.
Under Huna the academy of Sura increased in importance, reportedly reaching 800 pupils under his presidency of forty years. It was during Huna's time that Palestine lost its ascendency over Babylonia.
Huna taught the halakhot of the Rav and many of his own are also to be found in the Babylonian Talmud. He declared the supremacy of the Rav's decisions in religious law. Huna taught that the  halakhah transmitted in the Mishnah and Baraita is not always to be accepted as decisive. His aggadot are also to be found in the Babylonian Talmud and were known also in Palestine.
After his death in Sura, Huna was buried in Palestine beside Ḥiyya ben Abba Rabbah.


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