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Elijah ben Benjamin ha-Levi
Hebrew Name(s): אליהו הלוי
Other Names: Eliyahu ben Benjamin Ha-Levi, Eliyahu Ha-Levi, Elijah Ha-Levi
Period: Acharonim — 16th Century
Location: Istanbul
Dates: d. 1535

Elijah ha-Levi succeeded Mizraḥi as a leading Rabbi in Istanbul (1526-1535) where he became the superior Romaniot authority after 1526. His work reflects the social and humane lenience of Mizraḥi, especially towards the Karaites. He is accredited with the initiative to publish a Mahzor of the Romaniot rites in which he included his own poems.

Zekan Aharon; Ma'amar Kol Dai; Liwyat Ḥen; Me Zahab; Shebeṭ Musar; Tokaḥat Megullah

Zekan Aharon is a compilation of some of the 451 responsa of Elijah ben Benjamin ha-Levi.
Ma'amar Kol Dai was published in Benjamin Motel's Tummat Yesharim.
Liwyat Ḥen - unpublished.
Me Zahab - unpublished.
Shebeṭ Musar - unpublished.
Tokaḥat Megullah - unpublished.


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