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Eliezer ben Jacob II
Hebrew Name(s): אליעזר בן יעקב
Other Names: Eliezer ben Jacob, Eliezer ben Jacob the Younger, Eliezer ben Ya'akov, Eleazar ben Jacob
Period: Tannaim — 2nd Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: c. 150

Eliezer ben Jacob, sometimes referred to as "the Younger" was a Tanna of the Fourth Generation, a pupil of Rabbi Akiva. He was active in the middle of the 2nd Century.
Eliezer ben Jacob was one of the younger sages who survived the Hadrianic persecutions. Midrash Shir HaShirim records that he aided in the establishment of Jewish teaching at the assembly at Usha. Eliezer ben Jacob was a halakhist and founded a school known is the Talmud after his name: Debe R. Eliezer b. Jacob, which was at times opposed to the Debe R. Ishmael (see Sanh. 90b; Ḥul. 132a; Yoma 45b). He compiled a collection of Baraitot [not accepted in other collections], is quoted in both Halakhah and Haggadah, and he is sometimes cited in the Talmud as Tanna Debe Eliezer (e.g., Ber. 32a).
Eliezer ben Jacob is often confused with another Tanna with the same name, Eliezer ben Jacob [sometimes referred to as "the Elder,"] who lived in the 1st Century. It is often impossible to determine which Tanna is referred to in Talmudic literature.


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