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Eliezer ben Jacob I
Hebrew Name(s): אליעזר בן יעקב
Other Names: Eliezer ben Jacob, Eliezer ben Jacob the Elder, Eliezer ben Ya'akov, Eleazar ben Jacob
Period: Tannaim — 1st Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: c. 80–110

Eliezer ben Jacob, sometimes referred to as "the Elder" was a Second Generation Tanna who lived in the second part of the 1st Century. He was regarded as an authority on the Temple which he had seen, and because he was familiar with matters pertaining to Temple services and practices (e.g., Yoma 16b). Rashi claims that his statements are few but reliable. The Babylonian Talmud states that his Mishnah was "only a kab venaki [small in quantity but trustworthy]" (Yeb. 49b).
Eliezer ben Jacob was a contemporary of Eleazer ben Ḥisma and Eliezer ben Hyrcanus and a senior of Illai.
Another Tanna of the Fourth Generation bears the name Eliezer ben Jacob and it is sometimes difficult to determine which Tanna is meant.


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