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Eleazar ben Perata II
Hebrew Name(s): אלעזר בן פרטא
Other Names: Eleazar ben Perata the grandson of Eleazar ben Perata ha-Gadol
Period: Tannaim — 2nd–3rd Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: 2nd–3rd Century

Eleazar ben Perata II was a Palestinian Tanna of the Fifth Generation. He was the grandson of Eleazar ben Perata I and is somethimes designated: "Eleazar ben Perata the grandson of Eleazar ben Perata ha-Gadol" (Ket. 100a; Git. 33a; PT. Meg. iv. 75b), and also without the addition of his grandfather’s name (i.e., as Eleazar ben Perata, PT. Suk. iii. 54a; Suk. 39a). He confined his studies mainly to the Halakah, and was a contemporary of R. Judah I (Judah haNasi) (cf. Suk. l.c.; PT. Meg. l.c.).


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