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Baruch ben Isaac of Worms
Hebrew Name(s): ברוך בן יצחק של וורמס
Other Names: Baruch ben Isaac of Regensburg
Period: Rishonim — 12th–13th Century
Location: Worms, Germany; Regensburg, Bavaria
Dates: c. 1200

Baruch ben Isaac was both a Tosafist and a codifier. He was born in Worms and later moved to Regensburg. Consequently, he is often referred to with the designation "of Worms" or "of Regensburg".
Burch ben Isaac studied under Isaac ben Samuel of Dampierre. He is the author of Tosafot and possibly the Commentary on the Sifre which appears in the Munich MS No. 59. He also wrote the legal work Sefer ha-Terumah, a work which became an important and valued German code. Sefer ha-Terumah was also noteworthy in that it contained an synopsis, something that previously had not been attempted in German works.

Sefer ha-Terumah (Book of the Heave-Offering)


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