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Assi I
Hebrew Name(s): רב אסי
Other Names: Assi, Rav Assi, Assa, Issi
Period: Amoraim — 3rd Century
Location: Babylonia
Dates: 3rd Century

Rabbi Assi (Assi I) was a First Generation Babylonian Amora of the 3rd Century. He is known as a legal scholar and was a colleague of Rav (Abba or Abba Arikha), Rav Kahana I, and Samuel. He taught R. Judah ben Ezekiel. The Babylonian Talmud records disagreements between R. Assi and R. Abba Arikha and also that R. Assi was held in high esteem by R. Abba Arikha (BT. Baba Kamma 80a).
Rabbi Assi is mentioned numerous times in both the Babylonian Talmud, and the Palestinian Talmud, where he is mentioned as "Issa" or "Assa" without the title "Rav" or "Rabbi."
Rabbi Assi should not be confused with another "Assi," an Amora from Israel who also is recorded in both Talmuds many times. Generally, where Assi appears in company with Rav, with Samuel, or with their contemporaries, Assi I is meant; but where their associates are members of a later generation, it is Assi II. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which Assi is referenced.


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