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Aharon ben Joseph ha-Levi
Hebrew Name(s): אהרון בן יוסף הלוי‎‎; רא׳׳ה
Other Names: Ra'AH, Aharon ha-Levi
Period: Rishonim — 13th Century
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Dates: 1235–c. 1290

Aharon ha-Levi of Barcelona was a Talmudist and Halakhist. He studied under his father Rabbenu Joseph ha-Levi and his brother R. Pinchas ha-Levi. He also studied under Naḥmanides. He was a colleague of RaShBa (R. Solomon ben Abraham Aderet.) Aharon ha-Levi is the grandson of Rabbi Benbineshti ha-Levi, great grandson of Rabbi Joseph ha-Levi and great great grandson of Rabbenu Zerachiah ha-Levi of Girona (also called: Ba'al HaMaor; Rezah; Razbi) on his father's side. He is great grandson of Aaron of Lunel, son of Rabbenu Meshullam ben Jacob of Lunel, on his mother's (Clara) side.
Some believe he wrote Sefer ha-Ḥinuch but this is disputed because some opinions expressed in Sefer ha-Ḥinuch (The Ḥinnuk) contradict opinions expressed by ha-Levi in other works. Thus, some scholars suggest the author of Sefer ha-Ḥinuch was possibly another Aharon Ha-levi who was a student, and not a colleague of RaSHBa, as was Aharon ha-Levi of Barcelona or, that the author was his brother, Pinchas ben Joseph ha-Levi.
Yom Tov ben Abraham Asevilli (Ritva) was a student of Aharon ha-Levi.

Commentary to the Talmud;
Bedeḳ ha-Bayit (Searches of the House)

Aharon ha-Levi wrote a commentary to the Talmud some parts of which have been published.
Bedeḳ ha-Bayit (Searches of the House) is a critical work on Rashba's Torat Habayit (The Precept of the House) to which Rashba responded with Meshmeret HaBayit.


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