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Abba bar Papa
Hebrew Name(s): אבא בר פפא‎
Other Names: Abba bar Pappa, Abba bar Pappai
Period: Amoraim — 4th Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: d. 375 CE

Abba bar Papa was a Fifth Generation Palestinian Amora of the Fourth Century.
As the second link in the transmission by tradition of Levi's haggadic sayings, he is generally mentioned together with Joshua of Siknin, who was the first link (PT. Ber. iv. 7b; PT. Bik. ii. 64c; PT. Yoma, iv. 41b). He addressed halakhic questions to Jose and Mani the son of Jonah, who in turn placed halakhic problems before him (PT. Shab. iii. 5d).


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